A lot of congregations are either doing payroll themselves or using a payroll provider. It can be time consuming and costly to do it yourself, and it may open the parish up to liability if it is not done correctly and harm relationships with your staff. Utilizing a payroll provider takes a lot of this out of your hands and puts the onus and liability on a professional organization.

The diocese has secured a highly-recommended provider based out of Columbus called Strategic Payroll Solutions to provide payroll services to congregations and diocesan entities at a reduced rate.  The cost factor is affordable for most every parish –  up to five employees is $49.95 a month. This is per month not per pay period. If your parish has more than five employees a detailed quote at reduced cost will be provided.

Now is a good time to consider changing your payroll provider with the first of the year approaching. If you would like to know more information, please contact the Rev. David Getreu, at 740.334.9775 or at dgetreu@diosohio.org. You can also directly contact Brad Harshaw of Strategic Payroll Solutions at (614) 545-6955.

If you need assistance with processing your payroll, our Payroll and Benefits Administrator, Angela Byrd, may be able to assist should you move to Strategic Payroll Solutions.  Contact Angela at abyrd@diosohio.org to discuss.