The 146th Annual Convention will be held online via Zoom on Saturday, November 7, 2020, beginning at 9 a.m.

The Convention is the annual business meeting of the diocese, during which we conduct elections, hear reports, and vote on the budget, resolutions and any other actions presented. It includes the clergy of the diocese and elected lay representatives from each of the congregations in the diocese, as well as ex-officio members of convention (who are entitled to seat and voice, but not vote) and many visitors (who may observe only). Everyone is welcome to observe the convention, but you must register to do so. Information about the Zoom meeting will be sent only to individuals who are registered. Only those clergy and lay delegates certified to vote will receive log-in information for the voting app.

This 2020 “virtual” convention is a first for our diocese. However, you can still expect most of the normal facets of convention to take place within the virtual meeting, with the exception of exhibits.

Pre-convention meeting and Nominee Forum

Traditionally held before the start of convention, the nominee forum gives convention an opportunity to hear from each of the nominees for the elective positions. The nominee forum will take place in conjunction with the Pre-convention meeting on Tuesday, October 27 at 7 p.m. on Zoom. All clergy and delegates are expected to participate in the Pre-convention meeting and Nominee Forum.

Business sessions

The business sessions are subject to the Rules of Order as well as the Constitution and Canons of the diocese. The Rules of Order and the current Constitution and Canons can be found on the convention website,

This year, the business sessions are also subject to a set of Supplemental Rules of Order for gathering online. Adopting these rules is one of the first orders of the convention. You can find these supplemental rules on the convention website and also here.


A central component of convention is the opportunity to worship together as the body of Christ and meeting online will be no different. Our virtual convention will open at 9 a.m. with Morning Prayer, which will be live streamed from Christ Church Cathedral on Facebook for all to participate.

Typically, the offering taken at the convention Eucharist benefits an organization of the bishop’s choosing. While there will be no celebration of the Eucharist, links to opportunities to give online to the convention offering will be shared throughout the day. This year, the offering is designated for Episcopal Community Ministries.

Bishop’s Address

This is the bishop’s opportunity to talk to both clergy and lay representatives from every congregation. The address typically includes reflection on the accomplishments of the past year as well as energy about the vision and mission for the coming year. The bishop’s address will also be live streamed on Facebook so that anyone who is interested may watch live. A recording of the address will be posted on the convention website shortly after.


Delegates elect leaders for several positions. The list of available positions with a brief summary of each can be found here. Information about this year’s nominees for several positions can be found on the convention website,


Delegates may submit a resolution to diocesan convention asking for a particular stand on a public policy issue or adoption of a practice by congregations. Resolutions are canonically required be filed no later than 45 days before the start of convention for review by a resolutions committee. These resolutions are screened by the committee and then distributed to the diocese for consideration. The resolutions can be found here.

Resolutions also may be presented from the floor but must receive two-thirds vote to be considered by delegates.

Hearings for the resolutions are held during the pre-convention meetings. This is the time when delegates can ask resolution sponsors questions about the proposal. There also is debate on the floor of convention, but this time is more rigid, guided by Roberts Rules and the convention’s Rules of Order.

Voting on resolutions is typically done by voice vote, but in our virtual setting voting on the resolutions will be completed in our voting app.


The diocesan budget is prepared by the Budget Committee and recommended to convention by Diocesan Council. Hearings and debate on the budget are held during the pre-convention meeting. The vote to adopt the budget is completed at convention. The draft 2021 budget approved by Diocesan Council can be found here.


All diocesan committees and organizations are asked to present written reports that are available online on the convention website, A few reports may be presented orally at convention. These reports contain important information about the mission and activities of the various commissions. The reports will also be included in the official journal of convention.


Several videos will be shown throughout the online meeting, featuring our congregations and the work of Becoming Beloved Community. These videos will be posted on our YouTube channel for viewing after the convention.


The draft agenda for the 146th annual convention can be found here.

Consent Agenda

The filing of a consent agenda before a legislative body is the practice of combining routine business and reports that require action into a single agenda item as a time-saving measure. All the business on a consent agenda is then approved in one action rather than taking the time to file them separately. It is important to note that any clergy or lay delegate may request that an item be moved off the consent agenda and placed back on to the main agenda. The consent agenda can be found here.

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