The diocesan Finance Committee and Finance staff have been working hard to provide guidance to parishes in these uncertain times. The Finance Committee and the Finance staff are available to assist parishes and we encourage you to reach out to us with any questions or suggestions.
Here is some important guidance in multiple areas. Please read through the information and click on the links to read the respective letters as they contain important information.
Attached here is a letter from the DFC regarding the budget process for 2021. Most parishes might be in the process whereas others have not started. It is a good time to start now.
If you need any guidance on stewardship, please know the diocese has a membership to The Episcopal Network For Stewardship and as such, you are able to utilize their resources. To access, enter login id 1PETER and Passcode: FOUR:10 on their website:
Audit process
The DFC has worked hard for the past six months to revise the audit process. See our letter regarding some proposed changes. We need your assistance! Please review the proposed audit documents and send us your feedback by November 28 so we can get these ready for the 2020 year audit.
Certificate of Continued Existence
Recently, parishes have been asking as to whether or not they need to file a Statement of Continued Existence (SCE) with the State of Ohio and is the SCE a real thing that has to be completed and paid for. The answer is yes, incorporated parishes must file a SCE with the State every five years (ORC 1702.59). What we have discovered through a recent search of the State’s business gateway is that several of our congregations have had their registration with the State cancelled some for years. If your registration has been cancelled, you must be reinstated.
You might be wondering whether the parish was notified. Yes, you were notified. The state sends the letter to the address of the Statutory Agent on Record. That may be the rector, senior warden, treasurer, or admin staff member depending on how it was set up. If that person listed their personal address, then it went to their house. This is a good time to clean up the Statutory Agent and change the address to the church – that way in five years you will be sure to receive the letter.
What do you do? You can see the expiration of your registration if you search for your parish on the business gateway . The difficulty is that you must use the name of how your church was incorporated. For instance, St. Philip’s in Circleville was incorporated in 1833. In order to find the parish, you must search “The Wardens and Vestry of St. Philips Church in Circleville.” Sometimes you can get lucky searching using a partial listing but not always. Also, you might put in “St.” and it is actually recorded as “Saint”. It takes some digging because the search feature is not user friendly. Once you find your listing, check the expiration date and the Agent of Record. If you need to do some updating, then obtain Form 522 and send in the fees. You can also do this online.
All of the documents linked in this communication can also be found on a newly emerging Finance page of the diocesan website.
Any questions, please contact Fr. David Getreu, Associate for Financial Management & Oversight for the Diocese of Southern Ohio, at or 740.334.9775 or Carine de Lange, Operations Executive & CFO at or 513.405.3234.

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