Formation team offers Epiphany Zine

The diocesan formation team, in partnership with some amazing artists, writers, and the Noon Service community at Christ Church Cathedral, is offering an Epiphany Zine (pronounced zeen) as a resource to congregations and individuals.

What is a zine? It’s basically a self-published booklet on a topic not mainstream. And this zine is all about celebrating Epiphany, with a nod toward helping individuals, families, small groups, and congregations recognizing the presence of Christ within us and among us.

Tactile, aesthetic, pious, and a little bit alternative, this zine will help make Epiphany (and the 41 days after) a truly illuminating season.

For information on how to receive your own copy of the zine (coming soon) and to learn more about how to use this resource in your family, small group, or parish, please visit