Looking for a Lenten formation practice for yourself, your family or your church? How about the spiritual practice of watching movies?

The Rev. Jed Dearing has created an opportunity to engage in a different type of Lenten practice, The 2021 Lenten Film Club: Films in the Wilderness. This unique devotional guide can be done individually, with a small group, or with your parish and will truly enrich your Lenten experience as we march to the cross.

The website features a printable six-week guide which pairs a film to the gospel lesson for the week and reflection questions suitable for personal or group use.

You can engage further by subscribing to “Films in the Wilderness,” a weekly companion podcast featuring Dearing and the Rev. Karl Stevens with special guests or by joining in the weekly Zoom discussion group every Thursday night during Lent at 7 p.m. Details, guide and more available on the Films in the Wilderness website: https://www.2021lentenfilmclub.space.