Whether it is managing the local S.O.C.K.S. (Spirit of Christmas for Kids) project, helping support the Well at Sunnyside, providing meeting space for community activities, or recognizing local students for their academic achievements, St. Andrew’s, Washington Court House, is very active in supporting outreach activities in our community.

In order to help fund these projects, members of St. Andrew’s have created our “Come Grow With Us” project, growing corn or soybeans crops to sell. In 2016, our fifth year, the project will include growing 10 acres of field corn.

This is how the project works: Members of St. Andrew’s form a committee to manage the project and land is secured to grow a farm crop. Agri-businesses are contacted to donate seed, fertilizer and other crop inputs to grow the crop. Then the corn or soybeans are harvested and sold. Since all expenses are donated, the total crop sales are profit.

Various activities are planned around the field planting and harvest events, which include not just members of St. Andrew’s and our partner church, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, but also other congregations in the area – especially St. Colman of Cloyne Catholic Church. Our activities include events such as a harvest celebration, hayrides and a cookout. Guests also enjoy riding the combine and grain trucks that deliver the commodities to market.

Many of the younger members of St. Andrew’s have become very involved in the project. In addition to raising money for outreach activities, a goal of the project is to allow members to learn about safe farming practices and participate in the growing of small grains.

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Liz Rea is a parishioner of St. Andrew’s, Washington Court House. For additional information about planning a similar project for your congregation visit www.standrewswch.org or contact Bob Rea at Robert.rea@roadrunner.com or 614.264.8883