Voting on resolutions

R2016-1: Change canonical designation of St. Andrew’s, Pickerington

WHEREAS, on July 31, 2016 the Mission Council of St. Andrew’s, Pickerington, voted to request the Bishop to change the canonical designation of St. Andrew’s, Pickerington, from Mission to Parish, and

WHEREAS, in accordance with Canon XVI, Section 17 (a), the Commission on Congregational Life has determined that the Mission of St. Andrew’s, Pickerington, has maintained a regular schedule of weekly celebrations of public worship, has maintained an adequate level of ordained leadership, compensated in accordance with diocesan standards, has regularly paid its annual Diocesan Assessment, is servicing all legal debts, and consists of twenty or more persons from separate households in good standing; therefore be it

RESOLVED that St. Andrew’s, Pickerington, be received into union with the Diocesan Convention of Southern Ohio as a parish with two additional delegates to be seated with voice and vote.

The resolution passed.

R2016-2 Mission Share Funding Plan

Be it resolved that the Mission Share Funding Plan for the years 2017-2021 be set using a proportional share ratio applied equally to all congregations in the diocese. This share ratio shall consist of equal proportions of a congregation’s Normal Operating Income (Page 3, Line A) and Operating Expenses (Page 3, Line E) as found on the parish’s latest Parochial Report, each divided by the total Normal Operating Income and Total Operating Expenses of all congregations in the Diocese, respectively. The resultant share ratio shall be the congregation’s Share Ratio for the following year’s Mission Share Rate. All congregations shall be ordered from low to high by Share Ratio and the Mission Share Rate shall be defined as follows: a) The congregation with the smallest Share Ratio will be assessed at a rate of 6.0% of normal operating income. b) The congregation with the Share Ratio closest to the average Share Rate shall be assessed at a rate of 11.5% of normal operating income. c) All other congregations will be assessed at a rate defined by their Share Ratio order on a straight line connecting the congregations found in a) and b), and be it further

Resolved that Diocesan Council oversee a Mission Share Review process, that is initiated upon petition by the congregation to reduce its mission share percentage because of extenuating circumstances. In addition, the Commission on Congregational Life, the Diocesan Finance Committee or the Budget Committee also may petition Diocesan Council to revise a congregation’s Share Ratio; and be it further

Resolved that Diocesan Council set a Funding Plan Review in the year 2020 to review and adjust the Mission Sharing Funding Plan or establish a new funding plan for 2022 and beyond.

The resolution passed.

The Social Justice & Public Policy Commission introduced from the floor a resolution in support of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers boycott of Wendy’s restaurants from the floor. Convention voted to consider the following resolution:

R2016-3: Resolution in Support of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers Wendy’s Boycott

WHEREAS, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, an award-winning farmworker-based human rights organization, has taken on the giants of Big Agriculture and built a new system of labor protection called the Fair Food Program, and

WHEREAS, in five short years since its implementation, the Fair Food Program has prevented modern-day slavery and sexual violence, improved farmworker wages, and guaranteed basic safety protections for workers, and

WHEREAS, the penny-per-pound Fair Food Premium is received annually by approximately 35,000 farmworkers and their families (1), with participating companies having funneled over $20 million in Fair Food Premiums to improve workers’ wages since 2011, and WHEREAS, 14 major fast food and supermarket chains have signed on to Fair Food, including Taco Bell (Yum Brands), McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, Chipotle, and WalMart, and

WHEREAS, Wendy’s has sought to circumvent participation in the Fair Food Program by abandoning Florida to source its tomatoes from Mexico, buying tomatoes from a grower (2) whose labor camps are associated with extreme poverty, violent abuse, substandard housing, child labor and wage theft, and

WHEREAS, The Coalition of Immokalee Workers is leading a nationwide boycott of Wendy’s, to pressure the fast-food giant to join its competitors and participate in a worker-led social responsibility system that links corporate accountability with labor justice from farm to table, and

WHEREAS, the National Council of Churches endorsed the Wendy’s boycott last month, therefore be it

RESOLVED that the Diocese of Southern Ohio endorse the Wendy’s boycott, and raise our moral voice to call on Wendy’s to protect the human rights of farmworkers by joining the Fair Food Program.

 The resolution passed.

1 Fair Food Program 2015 Annual Report. The program’s worker-directed grievance system fielded about 440 labor complaints from 2014 to 2015, most of which were resolved through correctional plans within a two-week period.

2 Kaliroy, an arm of the Mexican agro-giant Bioparques de Occidente. [/su_column]


Voting results

Bishop Gnome N. Clature greeted convention-goers in the Connection Center, a new convention gathering place where people can connect with diocesan staff and others. Photo by Julie Murray.

Bishop Gnome N. Clature greeted convention-goers in the Connection Center, a new convention gathering place where people can connect with diocesan staff and others. Photo by Julie Murray.

Budget Committee, lay, 3-year term

Kathy Mank (nominated from floor)

Diocesan Council, clergy, 3-year term

The Rev. Ruth Paulus
The Rev. William Sangrey

Diocesan Council, lay

Karen Peeler, 3-year term
Eric Schryver, 3-year term
Richard Warren, 3-year term
Clifton Flemister (nominated from floor), 1-year unexpired term

ECSF Board, 3-year term

Michelle Dayton
The Rev. Susan Riis
The Rev. Maggie Leidheiser-Stoddard (nominated from floor)

Standing Committee, clergy, 3-year term

The Rev. Ellen Cook (nominated from floor)

Standing Committee, lay, 3-year term

Martha Lentz

Trustee of the Diocese, 5-year term

Jon Boss

Trustee of the Church Foundation, 5-year term

Richard Warren

Disciplinary Board, clergy

The Rev. Heather Wiseman (nominated from floor)
The Rev. Stephen Smith (nominated from floor)
The Rev. Lee Anne Reat (nominated from floor)

Disciplinary Board, lay

Elizabeth Barker (nominated from floor)
Michael Wayne (nominated from floor)

Procter Board of Directors, 3-year term

Amy Dohn Baird

Deputy to 79th General Convention, clergy

1 The Rev. Canon Scott Gunn
2 The Rev. Canon Manoj Zacharia
3 The Rev. Paula Jackson
4 The Rev. Jason Prati


1 The Rev. Dick Burnett
2 The Rev. John Agbaje
3 The Rev. Suzanne Levesconte

Deputies to 79th General Convention, lay

1 Cathy Bagot
2 Meghan Western
3 Elizabeth Barker
4 Deborah Stokes


1 Harold Patrick
2 Eric Schryver
3 David Jones

Many elections with the same number of nominees as positions were filed by acclamation. Results of balloted voting can be found at