Some of the beautiful flowers in the gardens surrounding St. James, Piqua.

The grounds of St. James, Piqua, are a vision to see when looking at the church from a distance. The gardens in the spring and summer are full of life and vitality. As part of “Mainstreet Piqua,” some of our gardens are kept up by the city, with the help of our garden attendant, Marisa Littlejohn. Marisa looks after the garden two or three times a week, picking up trash and cigarettes. She also does weeding, pruning and general upkeep of the gardens. Her husband Barney does the pruning of the trees and gardens under the watchful eye of his wife. All of the flowers and trees in the gardens are donated from the parishioners and families of St. James.

Visitors to the church often comment on how nice the gardens look and how well kept they are. Many brides have had pictures taken in the gardens and enjoy the look and feel of the experience. St. James also has a memorial garden where people can sit and think about whoever and whatever they would like – it is very tranquil. Anyone passing by can enjoy our gardens for some relaxing thoughts.

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Submitted by Krista Abernathy