WHEREAS The Episcopal Church has renewed its commitment to establishing new congregations per General Convention Resolution A005, and has allocated significant resources towards that end; and

WHEREAS The Presiding Bishop has called for evangelism to reach new people for the sake of the gospel and declared that planting new churches is a missional imperative of the Church; therefore be it

RESOLVED that the Diocese of Southern Ohio shall be committed to engaging in the ministry of planting and re-starting congregations and commit to directing appropriate existing diocesan bodies towards this goal, as well as where necessary creating new diocesan leadership, structures, and funding towards these ends, and be it further

RESOLVED that starting in 2020, 2% of the diocesan annual Mission Budget be designated for the purpose of planting new congregations in this diocese, and establishing diocesan structures to oversee and ensure the success of plants. These funds would potentially be used for, but not limited to, training clergy called to plant congregations, supplement salaries for church planters, and assist with newly planted congregations (missions) operations and/or capital; and be it further

RESOLVED that distribution of these Mission Budget funds be at the discretion and oversight of the Bishop of Southern Ohio, and/or those persons or entities whom the bishop designates. 

Submitted by:
The Rev. Ben Phillips, St. George’s, Dayton

The Rev. Kevin Beesley, All Saints, New Albany
The Rev. Philip DeVaul, Church of the Redeemer, Cincinnati
The Rev. Joseph Kovitch, St. Matthew’s, Westerville
The Rev. Dr. Calvin Lane, St. George’s, Dayton
The Rev. Emmanuel Tuyishime, St. George’s, Dayton
The Rev. Paul Williams, St. Andrew’s, Pickerington
The Rev. Canon Manoj Zacharia, Christ Church Cathedral, Cincinnati

The Diocese of Southern Ohio has planted numerous parishes in the past, and has a number of worshipping communities with potential to become new church plants. It is time to make a fresh initiative to plant new congregations (missions) in Southern Ohio, as well as assess new and best practices for planting new congregations (missions).

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