Meet our new team member!

Andrea Owens

The bishop’s staff is happy to welcome Andrea Owens as a new administrative assistant for the diocesan office. Andrea will work half-time for the diocese assisting Operations Executive Carine deLange, and half-time for Christ Church Cathedral.

Andrea is a transplant from the East Coast (Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.) and moved to Cincinnati in 2009 to work with the internationally recognized educational technology team at Cincinnati Country Day School.  She then became Head of Media Services at St. Xavier High School where she renovated the library.

Asked how her previous jobs prepared her for this role, Andrea says that librarians are essentially administrative assistants who use their information management, organization, and technology skills to match people with resources and services.  She hopes to use her talent for following up and following through to contribute to the greater good.  Although she believes that individuals can make a real difference, she feels it takes a village to enact meaningful social change.  She is delighted to work at an organization that “strives to be a center of compassion and justice that translates into action.”

Andrea can be contacted at or at 800.582.1712 ext. 119.