Call on Governor DeWine to issue a new moratorium on evictions

Thousands of Ohioans face foreclosure or eviction starting in January after the federal moratorium expires. CARES Act unemployment benefits expire the day after Christmas. Governor DeWine has the authority, by Executive Order, to declare a 90-day moratorium effective Jan. 1. This could prevent an epidemic of homelessness this winter – a matter even more acute because Congress has still not acted to authorize new COVID relief and the pandemic brings further economic calamity. Call the Governor’s office at 614-466-3555.  For more about this, read

Senate Hearing Dec. 9 on Stand Your Ground Bill.  How to submit testimony

SB 383 would expand the right to use force in self-defense to any place a person has a legal right to be, and relieves him of the duty to retreat even if retreat is safe and possible. This is the kind of law that got George Zimmerman acquitted for killing teenager Trayvon Martin. The bill is moving fast in the Ohio Lame Duck session and will have its final hearing in the Senate Government Oversight and Reform Committee on Wednesday, Dec. 9 at 4:30 pm.  Ohio Moms Demand Action has a link to help you organize your testimony

Address your testimony to Government Oversight and Reform; Chair Coley, Vice Chair Huffman, Ranking Member Craig) and send it with a witness slip to by Tuesday at 3:30 pm. The information needed on the witness slip can be copied from the form attached here.

Arming untrained teachers

SB 317, the Arming Untrained Teachers Bill, has already passed the Senate, is expected to have a hearing in the House Primary and Secondary Education Committee.  Please call Committee Chair Rep. Gayle Manning (District 55, Lorain County) with your views. Her phone number is (614) 644-5076.

Zoom Letter-writing session on HB 784

The Ohio House is considering a bill that would change some protest rally actions from misdemeanors into felonies, including blocking a street or disorderly conduct.  As I read the analysis, a church or religious coalition that organizes or communicates about a protest could be charged with “corrupt activity” if some participants in the rally are charged with rioting.  This bill was introduced in response to vandalism occurring during the mostly peaceful protests following the killing of George Floyd.  The law also includes a Stand Your Ground provision stating that any person who reasonably believes they are in danger of imminent bodily harm may take any measures necessary – including deadly force – to flee or escape.  This would provide a legal defense against a murder charge to a counter-protester like Kyle Rittenhouse, who killed two people and wounded a third at an anti-racism protest in Kenosha.

You can read an analysis of the bill by the nonpartisan Ohio Legislative Service Commission here:

Use this link to register for the Dec 9 Letter Writing Workshop:

Legislative briefings are compiled by Ariel Miller, a member of Ascension & Holy Trinity, Wyoming,  and a member of the diocesan Becoming Beloved Community Leadership Team.